James Barone Racing Rear Motor Mount: 25,000 Mile Update

I can’t believe it’s already been almost three years. I’ve now driven a total of 25,000 miles on the James Barone Racing rear motor mount, so I thought this was a good time for an update.

** You can view the original install and review post here. **

I’m still happy with the mount, but there has definitely been a degradation in the mount’s firmness. Minor wheelhop has returned, and front end traction,  especially under acceleration, has decreased. In addition, shifting is less precise. A positive effect of the mount’s reduced stiffness has been a reduction of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) inside the cabin.

I would still highly recommend this mount to anyone interested in improving the firmness of their Mazdaspeed 3’s drive line and preciseness of the shifter. Even with firmness degradation over time, the James Barone Racing rear motor mount still performs far better than the stock unit!

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Corner-Balance and Alignment at Evasive Motorsports in Sante Fe Springs, CA

My experience last month with M-Star Automotive made me absolutely miserable, and hesitant to actually bring my Mazdaspeed3 in to get the alignment fixed. Knowing that the shitty alignment I got at M-Star was wearing on my brand new tires finally motivated me to go get another alignment. Again, after some research and looking around, I decided to give Evasive Motorsports in Sante Fe Springs a shot.

I’m so glad I did! To call this place an auto shop really isn’t fair. It just doesn’t do their expertise justice. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable and professional, and the services they offer far exceed those of a standard shop.

I set up an appointment for a corner-balance, an alignment, and an oil change. When I came in for my appointment they were ready for me on time. They performed the corner-balancing and alignment with me in the car, and the tech who did the work was extremely meticulous. The work really shined when I got my car back and drove it home. I’ve never had a better alignment in my life, and I will be bringing all my cars here in the future.

The price was very reasonable as well. The corner-balancing and alignment together were $245, and the oil change was $80, including 6 quarts of Motul and a filter.

For the alignment I brought my own numbers for them to work with and they got really close! I’ve included copies below so you can see the numbers for yourselves.

Mazdaspeed3 Corner-Balance Numbers

Mazdaspeed3 Alignment Numbers