Rear Motor Mounts

This buyer’s guide is meant to be a reference to help MAZDASPEED3 owners see what aftermarket rear motor mount options are available to them. For technical information on aftermarket motor mounts and reasons why to (or why not to) purchase them for the MAZDASPEED3 please visit this page.

The following table is a list of rear motor mounts currently available for the MAZDASPEED3.

  • Empty cells indicate unknown information.
  • Prices are from manufacturer’s sites. You may find better prices through vendors.

CompanyPriceBushing MaterialDurometerWarranty
CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering)$189.00EPDM (Rubber)60A, 75ALimited Lifetime
TRZ Motorsports$100.00Polyurethane
Torque Solution$124.99Polyurethane75ALifetime
Sure Motorsports$135.00PolyurethaneLimited Lifetime
Street Unit$129.00Polyurethane62A
AWR (Anthony Woodward Racing) *$88.95Polyurethane70A, 88ALimited Lifetime
James Barone Racing (Billet Mount)$120.00 (Shipped)Polyurethane70A, 80A
James Barone Racing (Chrome-Molly Mount)$90 (Shipped)Polyurethane88A
* Currently Out Of Stock

CP-E (Custom Performance Engineering):

CP-E Rear Motor Mount

TRZ Motorsports:

TRZ Motorsports Rear Motor Mount

Torque Solution:

Torque Solution Rear Motor Mount

Sure Motorsports:

Sure Motorsports Rear Motor Mount

Street Unit:

Street Unit Rear Motor Mount

AWR (Anthony Woodford Racing)*:

AWR (Anthony Woodford Racing) Rear Motor Mount

*Currently Out Of Stock

James Barone Racing (Billet):

James Barone Racing (Billet) Rear Motor Mount

James Barone Racing (Chrome-Molly):

James Barone Racing (Chrome-Molly) Rear Motor Mount


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6 thoughts on “Rear Motor Mounts

  1. You dont have the corksport rear motor mount inserts listed. At $35 bucks it blows all of these expensive toys out of the water, no added nvh.

    • You’re right, this list does need an update. There have been quite a few releases since I’ve made this list. Any others I may be missing?

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