James Barone Racing Rear Motor Mount: 25,000 Mile Update

I can’t believe it’s already been almost three years. I’ve now driven a total of 25,000 miles on the James Barone Racing rear motor mount, so I thought this was a good time for an update.

** You can view the original install and review post here. **

I’m still happy with the mount, but there has definitely been a degradation in the mount’s firmness. Minor wheelhop has returned, and front end traction,  especially under acceleration, has decreased. In addition, shifting is less precise. A positive effect of the mount’s reduced stiffness has been a reduction of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) inside the cabin.

I would still highly recommend this mount to anyone interested in improving the firmness of their Mazdaspeed 3’s drive line and preciseness of the shifter. Even with firmness degradation over time, the James Barone Racing rear motor mount still performs far better than the stock unit!

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Corksport Releases Long-Awaited Shocks and Struts for 2010+ Mazda 2

Mazda 2 owners have been waiting a long time for aftermarket non-coilover shocks and struts. Ever since CorkSport announced they were working on a solution, many Mazda 2 owners have been waiting anxiously for their release. Now they’re finally here, and you can get a set at the incredibly low price of $399!

CorkSport Mazda 2 Shock and Strut

Key Features:
– Struts and Shocks are 15-way adjustable (Adjustable rebound and compression)
– Adjustment points are accessible from under the wheel well and from the engine bay
– Bolt right in. No fitment modification necessary
– Work with stock or aftermarket springs
– Made with gas charged twin tube shock absorbers
– “Mostly” stock appearance and color
– Two year warranty

CorkSport Mazda2 Shock and Strut

To get more information and/or buy this awesome product visit the product page at CorkSport:


CorkSport Mazda2 Project Car