H&R Street Performance Coilovers Install

I recently picked up a set of H&R street performance coilovers for the Gen2 Mazdaspeed3. H&R states that these will lower the car about 1.2 – 2.5 inches in the front and 0.75 – 2.0 inches in the rear. These coilovers are ride height adjustable via a threaded shock body and feature progressive springs with matched dampers. With the proper tools the install is fairly straightforward, and shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Everything that came in the box:

  • Two Struts
  • Two Shocks
  • 4 Springs
  • Two Wrenches
  • Two Adjustable Rear Perches
  • 1 Bottle of Boeshield
  • Assorted H&R Literature (No Install Instructions)

H&R Coilovers Mazdaspeed3


  • This install will be much easier with all four corners of the car off the ground, either on a lift or jack stands. Factory lift and jack stand locations can be found here.

Front Install:

1. Remove the brake line from the strut. To do this remove the clip (using a flat head screwdriver helps). Once the clip is removed push the brake line down and slide it out of the bracket.

H&R Coilovers Front Brake Line Clip Removal

2. Remove the 14mm nut from the end link (43-60n*m, 32-44lb*ft).

H&R Coilovers Front End Link Nut Mazdaspeed3

3. Remove 17mm bolt that holds the strut to the wheel hub (64-74n*m, 48-54lb*ft). A breaker bar makes this easier. Once the bolt is out it’s time to separate the strut and wheel hub. Hit the wheel hub repeatedly with a mallet between the strut body and the brake assembly. This is the most difficult part of the whole process.

H&R Coilovers Front Wheel Hub Mazdaspeed3

4. Break, but do not remove, the 17mm top nut (57-76n*m, 43-56lb*ft).

5. Loosen the 3 adjacent bolts holding the strut to the frame. Be careful, these are the only bolts now holding the strut to the frame.

H&R Coilovers Front Strut Tower Mazdaspeed3

6. Use a spring compressor to compress springs. Once the spring is compressed it is safe to remove the 17mm from the top of the strut. To do this use an open or box end wrench and an allen key. Be careful when separating the top hat and bump stop assembly from the strut. If it separates ball bearings will go EVERYWHERE! (No Picture)

H&R Coilovers Front Spring Compressed Mazdaspeed3

Front Stock springs vs. new H&R springs:

H&R Coilovers Front Spring Compare Mazdaspeed3

7. Remove the factory bump stop from the top hat. This will NOT be reused when assembling the new strut. H&R Coilovers Front Bump Stop Mazdaspeed3

8. Apply supplied Boeshield to threading on strut body. This will protect the metal from rust and corrosion.

H&R Coilovers Front Boeshield Mazdaspeed3

9. Assemble new strut with supplied dust boot and factory top hat. Remember the bump stop is not used with the new strut!

H&R Coilovers Front Assembled Mazdaspeed3

10. Installation is the opposite of removal. To get the strut back into the wheel hub use copious amounts of grease and a floor jack. The best method I found was to lift the wheel hub a few millimeters with the jack and then hit the wheel hub a few times on the side with a mallet. This used the struts own spring resistance to push the strut further into the hub. Repeat this process until you can slide the bolt back in.

Rear Shock Install:

1. Remove 12mm nuts from upper mount. Having a deep socket makes this much easier (22-28n*m, 17-20lb*ft).

H&R Coilovers Rear Shock Upper Mount Mazdaspeed3

2. Remove the 17mm bolt connecting shock to wheel hub (79-105n*m, 59-77lb*ft).

H&R Coilovers Rear Shock Lower Bolt Mazdaspeed3

3. Remove the shock from the car.

4. Disassemble the shock. To do this you need a 13mm open or box ended wrench and some way to solidly secure the end of the piston. I used a pair of vice grips, as seen in the picture below.

H&R Coilovers Rear Shock Disassemble Mazdaspeed3

Rear stock shock vs. new H&R shock:

H&R Coilovers Rear Shock Comparison Mazdaspeed3

H&R Coilovers Rear Shock Assembled Mazdaspeed3

5. Installation is the reverse of dis-assembly.

Rear Spring Install:

1. Remove 17mm nut from both rear sway bar links (44-60n*m, 33-44lb*ft). This must be done on both sides of the car. Once both bolts are removed rotate the sway bar down and out of the way.

H&R Coilovers Rear Spring Sway Bar Link Mazdaspeed3

2. Place a floor jack under the rear lower control arm and raise the jack until it makes contact with the control arm. Once the jack is in place remove the 17mm bolt holding the rear lower control arm to the wheel hub (76-102n*m, 57-75lb*ft). Make sure the jack is in place and solid before removing the bolt because once the bolt is removed the springs pressure will cause the lower control arm to pop straight down.

H&R Coilovers Rear Spring Rear Lower Control Arm Mazdaspeed3

3. Once the bolt is out remove the jack. Now the control arm will freely swing down out of the way and you can remove the spring. Set the spring aside as well as the top rubber mount. You will not be reusing any of it.

Rear stock spring vs. new H&R spring:

H&R Coilovers Rear Spring Compare Mazdaspeed3

4. Before installing new spring and upper perch supplied by H&R make sure you apply boeshield to threads on upper perch. Now install the upper perch so that the recess in the perch (seen in the picture below) lines up with the small weld in the cars frame where the perch sits. This prevents the perch from rotating in it’s seat.

H&R Coilovers Rear Spring Perch Mazdaspeed3

5. Now seat the spring into the lower control arm. If you look down into the spring seat you’ll see a groove that ends with a notch. Rotate the spring in the seat until the end up the spring is seated firmly in this notch.

H&R Coilovers Rear Spring Control Arm Recess Mazdaspeed3

6. Installation is the reverse of dis-assembly. Use a jack to raise the lower control arm and compress the spring enough to re-install the bolt connecting the arm to the wheel hub. Lining up the control arm and wheel hub can be difficult. Once you’ve got everything all bolted up you’re all done!

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2 thoughts on “H&R Street Performance Coilovers Install

  1. Can you adjust the ride height in the rear on the fly, or do you have to remove the spring to raise or lower the rear adjuster.


    • It can be adjusted without disassembling the control arm with something like a screwdriver and a mallet, but it’s a painful process, and really only suitable for minute adjustments, such as when corner-balancing the vehicle. In addition, you will need to be under the vehicle with enough room to maneuver to reach the adjustment cup. Without a lift this will be difficult. I would not consider this something that can be done “on the fly”.

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