Corner-Balance and Alignment at Evasive Motorsports in Sante Fe Springs, CA

My experience last month with M-Star Automotive made me absolutely miserable, and hesitant to actually bring my Mazdaspeed3 in to get the alignment fixed. Knowing that the shitty alignment I got at M-Star was wearing on my brand new tires finally motivated me to go get another alignment. Again, after some research and looking around, I decided to give Evasive Motorsports in Sante Fe Springs a shot.

I’m so glad I did! To call this place an auto shop really isn’t fair. It just doesn’t do their expertise justice. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable and professional, and the services they offer far exceed those of a standard shop.

I set up an appointment for a corner-balance, an alignment, and an oil change. When I came in for my appointment they were ready for me on time. They performed the corner-balancing and alignment with me in the car, and the tech who did the work was extremely meticulous. The work really shined when I got my car back and drove it home. I’ve never had a better alignment in my life, and I will be bringing all my cars here in the future.

The price was very reasonable as well. The corner-balancing and alignment together were $245, and the oil change was $80, including 6 quarts of Motul and a filter.

For the alignment I brought my own numbers for them to work with and they got really close! I’ve included copies below so you can see the numbers for yourselves.

Mazdaspeed3 Corner-Balance Numbers

Mazdaspeed3 Alignment Numbers

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